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Welcome to V-MAX™

V-MAX™ is promoted by Pioneer Intertrade (P) Ltd., a 36 years old established company in India offering a wide range of Industrial machines and Products to Industry and Projects with a focus on Plate & Sheet Metal Working Tools and Machines for fabrication and production involving Plates, Pipes and Structural steel sections.

V-MAX™ focuses on becoming a “One-Stop Shop” for all plate and sheet metal working requirements from 1mm thickness to 100mm thickness.

Using our experience of sales and service of Plate Beveling machines for more than 20 years, we offer the best experience in the field today in India.

Plate Edge Beveling (Chamfering) Machines

Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Alloy Steel and other Metal plates edge like Hardox & Clad Plate preparation(beveling/chamfering) machines for weld edge preparation before welding (up to 100mm plate thickness) and Steel plates edge facing machines up to 80mm plate thickness.

Sheet Metal Working Tools

Nibblers for Sheet Metal up to 8mm thickness(M.S) and 6mm(SS), Keystone cutters for cutting roofing sheets, corrugated sheets, C-channels etc used for roofing applications Shears for cutting sheets.

We will continue to grow this range to include other machines for sheet and plate working.

Machines offered by us are designed to be simple to use and state-of-the art.Most importantly they are suitable for Indian working conditions. Detailed specifications of each model are available on the individual product page.

The machines are supported through a wide network of sales and service branches throughout India. We are equipped to provide quick sales and after sales service support on an ALL - INDIA Basis.


Minimum Plate Sizes Width - 150mm to Length - 300mm.
V Type, Y Type, X Type, U Type and J Type.
Grinding, Thermal Cutting, Pug Cutting, CNC Cutting, Cold Cutting Process etc.

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