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Multi-XL Portable Edge Milling Machine

Technical Data :

• 4800w Motor

• High efficiency milling cutter

• The control unit operation is simple

• Clamping the plate is more stable

• Feeding used efficient gear system

• Electrical wiring comply with CE standard

• Special parts used high wear-resisting and hardened.

Beveling Material :

• Stainless Steel

• Carbon Steel

• AL Alloy

• Clad Plate

Hydraulic Height Adjustment

Clamp is Rubber Roller

Control is Easy

Rear the Feed Motor

a Bevel Angle w Bevel Width
 0°  80mm
 15°  60mm
 30°  68mm
 37.5°  70mm
 90°  80mm


Milling of Plate Top Edge

J Bevel

V Bevel


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