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CONVEX 18 - Automatic Feeding Plate Beveling Machine

Maximum Bevel Width of 18mm

1. Special adaptive system compensates for the unevenness of the floor and enables positioning of the machine according to the situation at the workplace.

2. Rotary mechanism allows for performing both-side beveling without any need for material handling.

3. Height adjustment of the machine position.

4. Quick-fastening machine system quick-connect

The Convex18 is a powerful beveling machine with the automatic feed. It is equipped with the continuous working angle adjustment system. Thanks to the special design of the drive system, the Convex18 is also suitable for tougher materials.

The Manipulator’s unique design offers the possibility of simple turning of the beveling machine by 180° for performing the X, K double-sided bevel. No tools are required to rotate. No need for material handling = significant time savings. The quick-connect system offers the option to connect and disconnect the Convex18 from the Manipulator within seconds without the use of any tools.

The manipulator system allows for the machine to adapt its working position to the actual workplace situation. The Convex18 “floats” on a machined plate and compensates for any floor unevenness or material deformation. The lifting mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the working height of the machine. Large castors guarantee comfortable overcoming of obstacles and unevenness. The Convex18 can be also used as a fixed workstation for small work pieces.

Technical Data :

Weight of the whole set : 204kg

Dimensions : 1010 x 745 x 1326mm

Included in Std. Set

Beveling Machine Convex18 + Manipulator
Wooden transport box
Set of operation tools
Instruction manual

1. Resistant worm gear box.

2. Continuous setting of 15°-50° angle.

3. Powerful 3-phase motor 750w.

Features :

• For steel (strength up to 700 MPa) brass, copper and aluminium.

• For beveling material with min. dimensions - width 70 mm, length 150 mm, thickness 6 mm.

• Thickness of beveled material 6 to 40 mm.

• The bevel angle is easily adjustable from 15° to 50° - smoothly, without the need to replace any part.

Technical Data :

Max. Bevel Width : 18mm (600 MPa)

Continuously Adjustable Angle : 15° - 50°

Thickness of Bevel Material : 6 to 40mm

Motor : 750W

Feed : 1.9m/min.

Weight : 110Kg.

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 438 x 719 x 644mm

Accessories :

Art. No. 740001 ECO cutting tool - suitable for conventional steel
Art. No. 740002 PREMIUM Cutting Tool - coated TiN, suitable for conventional steel
Art. No. 740003 ECO cutting tool - suitable for conventional steel - Pack of 3
Art. No. 740004 PVD cutting tool - suitable for tougher Materials - Pack of 3
Art. No. 740005 PVD cutting tool - suitable for tougher Materials - Single
Art. No. 700004 ML Manipulator - allows you to rotate the machine by 180° to create a two-sided bevel & facilitates the machine transport at the workplace

Art. No. 740001

Art. No. 740002

Art. No. 740003

Art. No. 740004

Art. No. 740005

Art. No. 700004 ML


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