CONVEX-XL is the best solution of beveling TOP & BOTTOM of Carbon steel, High Tensile steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum Plates with one Machine

1. Moving on Trolley for long plates
2. Portable version for long plates, however without trolley
3. Bench Versions, for beveling small and medium size plates as it is equipped with a special frontal support plate for small plates.
Features & Specifications
PYTHON Part No. 700003
>> Hardened and ground table with rollers for workpiece feeding
>> Three phase motor 380/400 V, 750 rpm
>> Milling cutter of dia. 63mm, using five inserts (4 sides of inserts can be used)
>> Different inserts for different materials can be easily changed to give max. life and economic operation.
>> Chamfering adjustment upto 40mm (upto 60mm in some cases) depending on material and angle of bevel
>> Automatic speed adjustment with inverter from 0 to 1 m/min.
>> Plate thickness from 8mm to 100mm
>> Machine weight: 90 kgs, Base weight: 75 kgs
>> Bevel angle adjustment from 15° to 60°
>> Easy handling with no vibration, no dust and fum
>> Excellent surface finish
>> Two driven Polyurethane wheels feed the plates
Portable Version for Long Plates, Without Trolley
PYTHON Typical Applications
For beveling Plates of Different materials, before rolling.
For beveling Large plates for joining two half's of bigger size plates for making bottom part of tank or cisterns.
In manufacture of Silos, cisterns, tanks, medium and big size pipes, boilers, heat exchangers and heat exchangers for thermo electric power plants.
In manufacture of Cranes Beveling of plates of different materials, that make up the box of the crane's arm, before the rolling at "C" shape or already rolled.
In manufacture of Excavators Power loader shovels, agriculture machines in general: Chamfer sheet of different materials, that make up the main machine structures, the front bucket and the excavator shovel.
Transport Wagon Manufacturing Chamfer sheet of different materials that make up the main coach train structures, bus and truck containers and so on.
Production of medium and big size valves
and fittings (for example: oil pipelines, water nets)
Chamfer sheet of different materials that make up the main coach train structures, bus and
For construction of Bridges, wind-plants structures, high speed structures, lifting up plants and shipyards.
For use in All Fabrication shops where various products that require high quality, precision are manufactured.