Heavy Duty Nibblers

Steady cutting from thin metal to thick without distortion.
No vibration due to support by holder base plate.

Suitable for Straight and Circular cutting
Cut-surface finish is smooth without distortion or twist
Inside-Pocket cutting is possible


Maximum cutting thickness   N8.0 N6.0
Mild steel         400 N/mm² mm 8 6
Stainless steel    600 N/mm² mm 6 4
Aluminum         250 N/mm² mm 10 8
Cutting speed m/Min 1.6 1.5
Cutting width mm 11 8
Starting hole diameter mm 80 1.5
Minimum cutting radius R(mm) 250 125
Power Input Volt 220 220
Full load current Watts 2200 1090
Weight kgs 17 6.8
Electric Nibbler N4.0
The Versatile N4.0 drive can be fitted with Three heads covering a wide range of applications.
Specifications Rated Voltage Rated Input Power No-load speed
230V, 50Hz 625W 1000rpm
Cordless Nibbler NC1.8

Specifications & Features
Cordless Operation
• Cutting thickness :
Metal : 1.8mm
Stainless Steel : 1.2mm
Can cut general metal plates smoothly without spark & burr
Minimum cutting radius : 25mm
Input voltage : 25V
Electric machine power : 300W
Electric machine speed : 22,000rpm
Output speed : 1,400rpm
With CE mark
Typical Applications