The BEETLE is easy to use, portable heavy duty machine designed for beveling steel plates and pipes prior to welding.
This beveling machine is fitted with two milling heads each holding six inserts allowing smooth operation and exceptional efficiency.
The BEETLE incorporates many safety features. It has a state of the art electronic control module protecting the operator, the machine and the tooling. BEETLE is equipped with guide rolls, which make it easy and light to operate.
Power Supply 230VAC / 50Hz Induction motor with increased start-up current
Power 1.1kW
Motor Speed 2820 rpm
Tooling Two milling heads with 12 square cermetal inserts
Product code 230VAC 700002
BEETLE Technical Specifications (When Beveling Plates)
S (mm) b d = 0° 45° Weight (kg)
0 - 20 15° - 60° 25mm 26mm 29mm
Portable Beveling Machine Facing off Attachment
Facing off Attachment
Edge Planning Set 0°
Product Code : 720004

Pipe Beveling Attachment

BEETLE Technical Specifications (When Beveling Pipes)
g S (mm) D minimum (mm) D maximum (mm) Weight (kg)
75° - 30° 0 - 20 160 600 20
Standard Pipe Beveling Attachment
Product Code : 720002
Minimum D=150mm (6”)
Maximum D=300mm (12”)
Modified Pipe Beveling Attachment
Product Code : 720003
Minimum D=258mm (10”)
Maximum D=609mm (24”)