CONVEX-XL is the best solution of beveling TOP & BOTTOM of Carbon steel, High Tensile steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum Plates with one Machine

Make : V-MAX Plate Top / Bottom Edge Beveling Machine
Model : CONVEX-XL with Special Manipulator
Article No.: 700007
Bevels Top & Bottom edge of the plate to make Double
Bevel (X-Bevel) without the need to turn plate upside down
Technical Description  
Plate thickness range: 7mm - 70mm
Bevel Width capacity: 62mm / 15°, 50mm / 45° with multiple pass, 52mm / 60° with multiple pass.
High speed milling head: Dia. 85mm, using 5 inserts.
Bevel Angle : 15 - 60, infinitely variable angle adjustment without replacing any parts.
For Beveling: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, SS & Aluminum plates
Minimum size of plate: 200mm x 100mm x 7mm (with small plate beveling table)
Maximum size of plate: Unlimited
Motor, Milling Head: 4 KW, 400V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase
Motor, Feeding: 120W, 400V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Automatic Feeding with automatic feed speed
Adjustment with inverter, 0.17 to 1.1 m/min.
CE conformity
Electric Circuit in dust proof Panel box with necessary safety device
Machine Weight: 175 kgs
Dimensions: 1305 x 734 x 700 mm (Without Manipulator)
CONVEX-XL Manipulator serves following purpose
Normal Floor and Plate unevenness is taken care as the machine "floats" in the manipulator
Tilts the machine upside down for bottom edge beveling when making a double sided X Bevel. (provides a simple quick turn of 180° to the CONVEX-XL no need to rotate the plate using a crane resulting in significant time saving in material handling)
Height of machine can be set up by the MANIPULATOR lift handle (to align the cutter as per height of the plate edge)
Quick clamping design allows CONVEX-XL to be assembled and disassembled on the manipulator within few seconds without use of any tools.
Smooth Travel due to massive wheels mounted on the manipulator
It is possible to use the MANIPULATOR like stationary station
CONVEX-XL is equipped with two independently
feeding motors driving the bottom feed rolls
for positive grip & feed.
Simple change of Angle from 15° to 60° The Milling Head is equipped with 5 inserts. Each
insert has 4 usable sides.
Article No. 770001
Coated Carbide Inserts, Box of 10 inserts.
Vertical guide plate steel for beveling Hardox, Domex & other abrasion resistant plates
Table for Beveling Small Flat Steel Inserts for Hardox Plates Article No. 770004

Bevel Angle 15-60° infinitely variable Mam. bevel width (P)
15° 10mm (recommended in 1 step)
20° 12,7mm (recommended in 2 steps)
25° 16,5mm (recommended in 2 steps)
30° 19,5mm (recommended in 2 steps)
35° 20,5mm (recommended in 2 steps)
40° 22mm (recommended in 3 steps)
45° 28mm (recommended in 3 steps)
50° 31mm (recommended in 5 steps)
55° 34mm (recommended in 5 steps)
60° 40mm (recommended in 5 steps)
Technical data :
Table size 700 x 200mm
Working height 914mm
Weight (without machine) 30kg
Smallest possible size workpiece 200 x 100 x 7mm
Bevel angle α 15 - 60° infinitely vaiable
Equipment is intended for use with the machine CONVEX-XL
With the equipment is machine CONVEX-XL possible use for processing small work pieces
Equipment is mounted on beveler in up side down position, stacionary beveler
Stacionary beveling from right side to left side
The machine CONVEX-XL maintains a continuously adjust the bevel angle between 15° - 60°
MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: for beveling carbon steel, stainless
steel and aluminimum
Technical data : Working range CONVEX-XL + MANIPULATOR 3D
Thickness of material from 7 to 70 mm
minimum dimension of material 200 x 100 x 7mm, with equipment
for beveling small flat steel
maximum dimension of material Unlimited
Bevel Angle 15-60° infinitely variable Mam. bevel width (P)
15° 62mm (recommended in 3 steps)
20° 62mm (recommended in 4 steps)
25° 56mm (recommended in 4 steps)
30° 52mm (recommended in 5 steps)
35° 51mm (recommended in 5 steps)
40° 51mm (recommended in 5 steps)
45° 50mm (recommended in 5 steps)
50° 51mm (recommended in 5 steps)
55° 51mm (recommended in 5 steps)
60° 52mm (recommended in 5 steps)
Motor milling head
Power 4000 W/400V / 3phases / 50Hz
Cutting speed 182, 92m / min, milling head 85mm with 5 inserts
Motor automatic feeding :
Two Auto Feeding Motor, power 120W / 400V / 3phase / 50Hz automatic
feed speed adjustment with inverter 0-1, 2m / min,
Machine weight,CONVEX-XL + Manipulator 3D : 175 kg