Max. Plate Thickness : *70 mm & Bevel Width = 35 mm
*Additional accessories required

Alligator Plate Chamfering Machine is equipped with a purpose designed milling head equipped with two disk milling cutters each provided with as a set of 6 high quality carbide inserts.
Using these special inserts Alligator can mill all types of steel, Aluminum and composites.
The ALLIGATOR is Equipped with a micro processor based control system to protect the machine, the tool and most importantly the operator.
The length of the guide track can be extended to any required length by using additional tracks.
J-Groove Beveling
with special Milling Head
includes round
inserts (Ø12mm or Ø 16mm)

ALLIGATOR Optional & Spare Equipment :
Standard Milling head 710001
Special Geometry Cutting Insert (1piece), Sold 10 pcs/box 710002
Guide track (1 segment) L=1200 mm 710003
Track clamp for plate thickness up to 35 mm 710004
Track clamp for plate thickness up to 70 mm 710005
Clamp for Plate thickness up to 70 mm 710006
0 degree angle attachment 710007
15 degree angle attachment 710008
20 degree angle attachment 710009
25 degree angle attachment 710010
30 degree angle attachment 710011
45 degree angle attachment 710012
55 degree angle attachment 710013
60 degree angle attachment 710014
Any Additional angle attachment up to 75 degree, on customer;s request 7100XX &
XX= Angle
Simple Four Step Operation
1, Select required beveling angle
2, Plastic alligator machine on the rail
3, Set the travel speed
4, Start milling.
ALLIGATOR Technical Data
Product Code 710001
Power Supply 710002
Motor power 710003
Feed speed (for steel) 710004
Beveling width 710005
Angle range 710006
Length of the guide track in standard equipment 710007
Feed System 710008
Length X Width X Height 710009
Weight 7100XX & XX= Angle
ALLIGATOR Technical Data
ß 30° 45° 60° 75°
b 35mm 25mm 26mm 29mm 35mm
ALLIGATOR Technical Data
Part No. 700001
Milling Head 1 pcs
Special Geometry Cutting Inset 7 pcs
Guide track L=1200mm 2 pcs
Track clamp for plate thickness upto 35mm 3 pcs
Angle attachment (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°,) 4 pcs